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Vacoas, Port Louis

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LUX Belle Mare

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Port Louis, Mauritius • Recommendation • 

When you go on holiday, your hotel can make or break your experience. When you're on a *resort* holiday, that statement hits home even harder - you're not out and about exploring as much as you would on a city getaway; you're spending most of your time lounging on the hotel beach; hell, you're definitely ordering a good few Pina Coladas while doing that as well right? We were so glad we chose to go with Lux. Being a cabin crew myself I know good service when I see it - and I saw it everyday, everywhere at Lux. The staff honestly were that great! All helpful, all friendly, but with the congeniality of a host welcoming you into their home. I loved it. I felt like a VIP, even when I was just a regular guest during full occupancy! Speaking of which, even at full occupancy the resort didn't feel cramped at all. Sun beds were always plentiful, and breakfast buffet queues inexistent. Great right? One thing to note though is that Quatre Cocos, where Lux Belle Mare is situated, can get very windy in their winter season (Jun-Sep). They're in a little cove so they're relatively sheltered compared to the rest of the area but still! Hair in face occurrence rate is HIGH. I love it and would happily go back.

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Casela World of Adventures

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Vacoas, Mauritius • Memory • 

The day I went to Casela was one of the happiest days of my life. Probably just after my wedding day. No joke, no exaggeration. We got to interact with lions, cheetahs, Galapagos tortoises, and giraffes (this guy was HUNGRY), among many others. For an extra fee you can spend time being up close and personal with the big cats as well, which I definitely recommend! I'm aware that there is a dark underbelly to animal tourism and I probably should have done more due diligence before going, but I was so excited by the fact that I could touch a lion that I booked the tickets almost without thinking. On site the animals seemed relaxed and well looked after, and the wardens showed respect towards the animals' natural behaviour and whims. If a lion wanted to get up and walk away mid-photo, no one stops him. The wardens would wait until another is relaxed and ready before approaching, which were all encouraging signs. It was so heartwarming seeing the bond between the animals and their keepers - the cheetahs ran up to greet them like cats that gave a shit about their humans. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there! But I digress. Please don't follow my example and actually do your research before participating in animal tourism. Don't let your love for animals contribute to their suffering!

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Port Louis, Mauritius • Memory • 

I went scuba diving here with Just Diving Mauritius, with Gaëlle as my dive master. She was attentive and friendly, and it was a fun dive. Not the most exciting nor scenic dive I've been on, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. If I remember correctly, we went to Yen's Place and Castle. We saw plenty of great barracudas, parrot fish, angel fish, and healthy hard and soft corals.

  • Pereybere, Grand Baie, Mauritius

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Happy Rajah Restaurant

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Vacoas, Mauritius • Recommendation • 

We had really great curry here! Everything was super fresh, super flavorful, and super satisfying. Or maybe I was just famished after diving. Either way, even if you don't find this mind-blowing, I'm sure you'd agree with me that this is a great place to stop by for lunch!

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Black River

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Vacoas, Mauritius • Recommendation • 

I went and swam with dolphins *mermaid hair flip* It was hella early (6am drive to get there by dawn), hella windy (mermaid hair in face non-stop) and hella cold (20° but getting in the sea doe) but I did it. We got on a little speedboat and set off from the marina as the dolphins swam out into the open sea for breakfast. Whether or not you get to swim close to them is dependent on luck and skill - if you swim too slow of course the dolphins aren't going to wait around for you. If they're very hungry and want to dive down to hunt rather than hang out, then too bad! The latter was sadly the case for me. I saw a few small pods of spinner dolphins, around 8m away at the closest, before they dove and swam away. Still, it was exhilarating seeing them in their natural habitat and hearing their clicking under water!

  • Black River, Mauritius

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Vacoas, Mauritius • Memory • 

Chamarel is famous for its Seven Coloured Earth, which is uh, basically, multi coloured volcanic soil. Don't get me wrong - it looks good, but dare I say a little... Underwhelming? The waterfall in the parks was very scenic though! It is taller than the Statue of Liberty and make for a pretty good photo backdrop. My favourite part of the park however is probably their Giant Galapagos Tortoises. One of them was chomping diligently but ineffectively at a pile of leaves and (bless them) was barely making a dent despite their best efforts. We must've stood there for a good fifteen minutes watching Tortoise vs Food! Also, hot tip - near the Chamarel View Point restaurant en route to the parks is a great (you guessed it) view point where you can find one of the most spectacular vistas that side of Mauritius. And if I knew ahead of time I would have definitely made a trip to the rum distilleries in the area as well!

  • Chamarel, Mauritius

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