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Cultur'd Kombucha


The word "Culture" derives from a French term meaning “to tend to the earth and grow”— to cultivate and nurture. Our brand Cultur'd Kombucha is all about purposeful and mindful home-brewing. We believe that when we brew out of love, the quality is inevitably superb. With our fresh ferments made from all-natural ingredients, we hope to nurture not just the gut, but the spirit as well. Consumed as an elixir of life since the ancient times, Kombucha contains billions of active probiotics and enzymes that help boost your mood, digestion, and immunity. Let us boost yours, one bottle at a time!

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Meet the Owner




Purposefully Homebrewed
Cultur'd Kombucha is our passion project-- a longtime personal hobby that took much courage to pursue and evolve into the very small business you see today. Living in quarantine, we realized three things that eventually fueled the fire that forged Cultur'd into existence. 1. We need to boost our immunity in order to strengthen our bodies to fight the disease. 2. People were having digestive problems (like constipation and bloating) due to the stress of the sudden lifestyle shift and odd sleeping and eating patterns of living in quarantine. 3. The collective anxiety that we were experiencing was affecting our mood and mental health and well-being. Consumed as an elixir of life since the ancient times, raw and unpasteurized Kombucha has been scientifically proven to boost all three of these things: immunity, digestion, and mood. It is our prayer that we continue to boost your health and wellness with each bottle of Cultur'd Kombucha.
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Taste the Difference
There are four things that sets Cultur’d apart from other brands: our three-week fermentation time, our blend of teas, use of whole fruit and fruit purees, and the tasty synbiotic sinkers in every bottle. Each bottle of Cultur’d Kombucha is lovingly homebrewed in small batches and is fermented for three whole weeks. We use a special blend of black assam and pu-erh teas in brewing Cultur’d Kombucha. Pu-erh tea is an aged, fermented tea that is prized for its numerous health benefits, including detox and metabolism support. The fermentation time, coupled with our blend of teas gives our base kombucha it’s signature tart, yet lightly refreshing taste. One thing we take pride in is that we only use whole fruit and fruit puree in our fermentation— no juice. We do this in order to keep the prebiotic fiber intact from our fruits so that they may enhance our kombucha’s probiotic properties. Fermenting whole fruit inside each bottle also creates a healthy and tasty treat that we like to call our “Synbiotic Sinkers.”
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Cultur'd Kombucha

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