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Hong Kong really taught me to be open-minded about different types of food. That’s the beauty of Hong Kong, you get Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, US, Spanish, Italian... when you see the variety, it’s just very big!

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Hong Kong, China • Memory • 

I like it for one reason. I go there once a year. I love Amigo because it’s so funny. It’s a Spanish name, but you go in it looks like a Swiss chalet. The waiter, 80 years old, you see decanting with a candle. Who still does that? The menu, the wine list, is a sticker. You do this in 1905! It brings you back to the old days. The menu, they put in some French name, but serve you an American dish. For me, it’s the melting pot of everything. They have a Filipino band, they give you a tag with your name, they give you some roses at the end for the ladies, I love it. It’s so funny for me! It’s not cheap, but it’s so funny. It’s like comedy. It’s like a piece of theater. It’s a show. I will not go every day. The food is not amazing, but not bad. It’s quite a funny, funny place.

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Da Domenico

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Hong Kong, China • Recommendation • 

Very casual food. It’s a very funny, interesting place. For me, this is one of the top. The chef has been there for over 30 years. He’s very successful. He’s very classic Italian. It’s a very authentic place. The pasta is very good. It attracts the fancy crowd of Hong Kong, especially tycoons, who think this is the best pasta in town. The chef is Italian, called Alexandrov. This guy is full of stories. We have tons of stories of this restaurant, which are quite funny. One day, he was very upset, for I don’t know what reason. Full restaurant booking, everybody came to the restaurant, and he just decided not to cook. The restaurant was closed. Then they see a paper, in handwriting, “Sorry, the fish is not fresh, so I’m going to Italy to get the fish.” Each pasta is HKD900. Last time we ate there, we were 6 people and ordered normal wine—we spent HKD16,000. He has a couple of dishes that are very nice. He has this smoky mozzarella which he just puts on 25-year-old balsamico. He just melts it on the plate. You have the sweetness from the balsamico, and you try it together. The cheese was very good, the burrata was very good. We ate three types of pasta: Bottarga Pasta, Scampi was very good, the linguine was nice too. The Gamberoni Pasta (Italian prawn) is very good.

  • +852 2882 8013
  • Ground Floor, 25 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Artyzen Club

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Hong Kong, China • Recommendation • 

A private club in Shun Tak building, a beautiful club which I was surprised to see there. Shun Tak for me is the Macau Ferry building, not very sexy; but then on the fourth floor, they have a very private club. It’s quite impressive. You won’t expect for something like this to be in Shun Tak. You have the pool, a beautiful bar. They did it very well. I was very impressed.

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The Grill Room, Hong Kong Country Club

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Hong Kong, China • Memory • 

You have a beautiful view of the sea, we like to host in a private room. We’re always drinking with wine. They have a beautiful wine selection, actually. Very simple food, but nice.

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San Xi Lou


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Hong Kong, China • Recommendation • 

I like this hotpot for sure.

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Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop (Central)


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Hong Kong, China • Recommendation • 

I like wanton in this congee place, it’s very classic and simple.

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