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Updated 3 years ago


Tilanqiao Station Hidden Gems

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Shanghai, China • Recommendation • 

ALERT: MANY HIDDEN GEMS This is currently my favorite spot for a LIT start to my day with delicious authentic street food! With the street food scene slowly dying away in Shanghai, I was pleasantly delighted to discover so many amazing hidden gems in this old neighborhood!! Here’s a few dishes to look out for: ❣️Jianbing woman on #101 Anguo Rd ❣️Congyoubing woman on #16 Zhoushan Rd ❣️Youtiao Stall (on some intersection there... sorry walk around and you’ll find it!) ❣️Mini soya bean stall You could really feel the history as you walk along the old narrow streets of this former Jewish quarter. You’ll be greeted by unique smells of Chinese wet markets and, if you’re lucky, the sound of some old man’s speaker blasting out epic tunes from his mini radio attached to his old scooter. Anyway, this neighborhood doesn’t disappoint when it comes to getting under the skin of Shanghai’s street food scene and getting an insight to many windows of how old Shanghai used to be like.

  • 200 Zhoushan Rd, Hongkou Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200081

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Floret Child

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Shanghai, China • Recommendation • 

🌸The most flowery brunch I’ve every had! Be prepared for flower overload not only on the food but also around the restaurant... and for sure, super satisfying brunch! I still can’t stop thinking about the chia pudding bowl. The different textures and tastes that come together in great harmony are just soooo good!... I could honestly have it for breakfast every day! The pulled pork eggs Benedict is also heaven! That runny egg yolk really is everything 😍 NOTE: Located on the SIDE of the shopping mall, NOT INSIDE (I wish someone told be this before I went on a 15 minute hunt)!

  • 137-145 Xujiahui Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200040

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Lost Heaven Bar

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Shanghai, China • Recommendation • 

BAR AND RESTAURANT Amazing bar upstairs that makes you feel like you’re engulfed by both skyscrapers and old buildings, and delicious restaurant that will leave you satisfied and inspired... I never knew where Yunnan was or what kind of food they had there... until I went to Lost Heaven. This particular branch on the Bund has a special place in my heart because it inspired me to go backpacking in Yunnan, which lead to me falling even deeper in love with China 😍 Upon entering the restaurant you’ll be greeted by canvases with photos of the green Yunnan scenery and shots depicting the local lifestyle of people from ethnic minorities. As for the food, it will completely change the way you think about Chinese food! Some of my fav dishes: 💕 cold noodle salad 💕Eggplant in tomato sauce (yes I was skeptical at first but the crunchiness of the eggplant and juiciness of the sauce is just amazing!) 💕pot stickers (so addicting) 💕three triangle fried rice (if you’re a fried rice lover this is fried rice heaven) 💕grilled pork 😍

  • +86 21 6330 0967
  • 17 Yan'an E Rd, Wai Tan, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200002

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Fu 1088

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Shanghai, China • Recommendation • 

Now this special place really is somewhere to take someone you want to impress. This place serves good quality high end traditional Shanghainese food. I would definitely say that they have the best 红烧肉 in town (I accept anyone else’s challenge to differ) that captivates you from the moment the dish glistens and winks at you when it’s placed on the table, to when that marble-ous piece of pork melts in your mouth with soy sauce goodness 😇 For my recs on what to order, show the kind waitress the photos on this post and order whatever your heart tells you! NOTE: food here is SWEEET so keep that in mind. Also, there is a minimum spend per person so you end up having to order a lot. But to be honestly I find the prices are quite reasonable for each dish so you’ll just end up having to order a lot (never an issue for me!)

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