Grain Milk???
Here at Grain Ola, "We Make Grains a Little More Interesting!" we experiment on combinations and flavors to achieve a Filipino-Market friendly non-dairy milk alternative. Sure there are numerous alternatives already in the market; from almond milk to oat milk to rice milk. Here, we focused more on the grains since fiber is our friend! At first, we were using oats to make oat milk, but we later realized, to give a more Filipino touch and signature to our product, we added some rice. With the combination of the two, we were able to minimize the "vegetative" taste you get from either consuming oatmilk only or rice milk only. Some of the local touches too include the use of Tablea for our signature chocolate milk, and coffee extracted from robusta beans for the Cafe Latte. Now, we also support businesses by reaching out to them and offering competitive prices for use with their products. Our long term goal is to be recognized as a non-dairy milk alternative supplier known and loved by the Filipinos offering value for their money.
Why Grain Ola?
Grain Ola is a plant-based, non-dairy, lactose free milk alternative that is super delicious, nutritious and awesome! First there was oat milk, then there was rice milk, now we are grain milk!
The Grain Milk Man
Ola! I'm Henry, Grain Milk Man for Grain Ola. One of the best things I've done in my life was to create Grain Ola! It is a local brand, made here (locally) in support to all those who are lactose intolerant and health conscious. The Idea of Grain Ola was conceived because as a lactose intolerant myself, it was really hard for me to find non-dairy milk alternatives for my coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea. Being a professional in the beverage industry, the only thing holding me back was to enjoy a good cup of coffee without worrying my lactose intolerance would kick in once I get to sip that nice hot latte. Then came the ideas in health and the environment, later realizing that the product itself is really healthy, vegetarian and vegan friendly, I soon explored the wonders of plant power and how sustainability is really important for the planet. With the growing number of people becoming aware and caring for the environment and their health, so is Grain Ola! Our recipes, mission, vision, and values revolve now into how we can be important to the planet and people's health.
For Local, B(u)y Local
We always reach out to coffee shops, cafes, small retail, and the likes offering our Grain Milk at very competitive prices for the quality people expect. Businesses always start small no matter how much money you put into it initially. That money will be used to buy equipment, inventory, rent, and people to operate. One of the things we saw as one of the pain points in a business is an excess in inventory. We try our best to not contribute to that pain point by offering a small minimum order quantity (MOQ). With the low MOQ, businesses are able to use our product continuously without worrying about storage and expiration. It's a win-win strategy for us since we always get to talk to them how they are doing and how the market is doing. With this strategy, we always ensure the product is made fresh for the customer, delivered fresh, used fresh, and a strong bond in relationship is made between businesses.
Our promise
Grain Ola's aim is to never forget where we are in the situation. We try to learn from all the problems we have encountered, mistakes made when growing, and put into memory the experiences we built. Through those key points, we always strive to improve Grain Ola based on what the market needs and what the market wants.

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