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Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 

Tokyo is one of the main cities in Asia. It is one of the well developed cities in the world! So what are the do things in Tokyo? First on the list is visit Shibuya! - it’s like the New York in Asia, at the center of numerous tall buildings and establishments you will see hundreds of pedestrians coming from every directions! It’s one of the greatest spots to take photos in Tokyo. After you’re don taking photos, shopping is the next thing that should be on your agenda! Second, visit the towers! Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, remember to go at night. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Tokyo! Third, Disney Sea! I love this place so much! Sure, Disney Land is fun too, but for me Disney Sea is more enjoyable for the adults, it has more extreme rides rather. These are just my top 3 in Tokyo but there are so much more to see aroun the city! There’ Ikspiari, Ueno, and Shinjuku!

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Kyoto, Japan • Wishlist • 

This city is considered to be the cultural capital of Japan. And seeing the pictures? No wonder why! It is a home for numerous temples, castles and shrines! Each of these buildings are associated with different eras of Japan. When you visit the city you will surely fall in love with Japan’s culture. I’ll give a few must visit spots! First is the Kinkajuji, the largest buddhist temple in Kyoto! It’s also know as the Golden Pavilion because the temple is covered in gold. It is an impressive structure overlooking a large pond. Second is the Nijō Castle, built in 1603. It was used as an imperial palace for a but then donated to the city and opened to the public as a historic site. The castle was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The entire castle grounds and the Honmaru (main circle of defense) are surrounded by stone walls and moats. Third, Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine, considered as the most important shrine in the city! It is famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates, which straddle a network of trails behind its main buildings. The trails lead into the wooded forest of the sacred Mount Inari, which stands at 233 meters and belongs to the shrine grounds. No doubt that Kyoto houses too much Japanese history, and these buildings reflects it’s beauty!

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Osaka, Japan • Wishlist • 

While Tokyo is known for being a very lively city, Osaka is more on the laid back and relaxed side. It is also the second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo. A few places that you shouldn’t miss are as follows; Dotonbori - this is the counterpart of Shibuya when it comes to shopping. The area is always bright, with neon signs lighting up the area at night making it a place where you can enjoy active nightlife. People who enjoy good eats and niche stores will appreciate Dotonbori. Umeda - home to Osaka’s most famous landmark, the Umeda Sky Building! featuring the breathtaking floating garden. Tourists who are more into luxury stores or likes the sleek, fast-paced, and professional style of business districts will feel at home in Umeda. Osaka Bay - is home to shopping, dining facilities, observatories, Mt. Tempozan (Japan's smallest mountain, standing at about 4.5 meters above sea level) a Ferris wheel, The Osaka Aquarium, Kaiyukan, and Universal Studios Japan®. Osaka is indeed one of the must go Cities of the world!

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