Percy Jackson and the Landmarks in The Series


Buckle up, demigods—a live-action reboot of the beloved ‘Percy Jackson’ series is finally in the works! Renowned author Rick Riordan announced the big news himself on Twitter in May 2020. He mentioned how ecstatic he is with the level of involvement he had on the scriptwriting and casting. Plus, he emphasized that the upcoming adaptation follows a storyline that will stay true to the books. (We’re with him on the shade!) While this project might still take a while to be released, you can geek out on some of the iconic landmarks featured on Percy’s adventures in the meantime. (Warning: Minor spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished reading the series!)

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Updated 3 years ago

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

14 saves

New York City, United States • Wishlist • 

The 12-year-old Percy seemed to have a life that looks as normal as can be—until a school trip in this famous museum where he accidentally vaporized his algebra teacher. I mean math can really be annoying, but it turns out Mrs. Dodds is an immortal fury disguised as a human to kill our protagonist. Kidding aside, she didn’t succeed; so it paved the way for Percy to learn about his supernatural powers.

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Camp Half-Blood

1 save

New York City, United States • Wishlist • 

Make like a demigod and grace the cabins of Camp Half-Blood, partake in the fun quests, and savor heavenly food for the gods. This real-life summer camp inspired by the books located in Austin, Texas offers an immersive camper experience in their signature orange shirts. Expect lots of Greek dancing and weapons training!

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Lotus Casino

1 save

Las Vegas, United States • Wishlist • 

They say you haven’t been to Vegas if you haven’t gambled at least once, but what happens if it gets so addicting you get stuck for years? In the book, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover found solace in this famous casino until things quickly escalated. They realized they’ve been stuck there for five days, even if it only felt like a few hours. Luckily for them, they eventually snapped out of the trance. Sadly, it’s not the same case for other demigods who stayed for decades at the hotel.

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Central Park

10 saves

New York City, United States • Wishlist • 

Who would’ve thought that beneath the lush greens and laidback vibe of this famous park lies a doorway to the Underworld? This entrance was created out of Orpheus’ attempt to get his wife Eurydice back from the dead, using his musical skills to open a new path to the house of Hades. Despite Orpheus’ unsuccessful endeavor, the gate was instrumental in Percy’s quest to bathe in the River Styx, which eventually helped him defeat the Titan Kronos.

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Hoover Dam

1 save

Henderson, United States • Wishlist • 

After escaping a heated battle in Junkyard of the Gods, Percy and his crew needed a place to recuperate so they grabbed some food at a snack bar near the Hoover dam. This was said to be one of Annabeth’s favorite architectural spots—and the gang even formed some inside jokes around the “dam” word (some were dam funny, we’ll admit). Once known as the “Boulder Dam,” this arch-gravity dam was considered as one of the largest and most important in the world.

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Western Museum of Mining & Industry

1 save

Colorado Springs, United States • Wishlist • 

This Colorado-based museum contains an entrance to the famous Labyrinth, an underground maze invented by Daedalus to hold the Minotaur. There are two ways to navigate the maze: the first by holding Daedalus’ invention, the Ariadne’s String, and the second with the help of a clear-sighted mortal, which in the series’ case is Rachel Dare.

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Empire State Building

7 saves

New York City, United States • Wishlist • 

It only makes sense to anchor the sanctuary of the Greek gods to none other than New York’s most famous landmark. For those who are deemed worthy of a visit, Olympus can be found in an exclusive 600th floor, hidden to mortals. Olympian gods and goddesses meet here twice a year for winter and summer solstices. You’ll need magical proof for the guard to allow your entry. In the first book, Percy’s paraphernalia was Zeus’ stolen master bolt.

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Hubbard Glacier

1 save

Anchorage, United States • Wishlist • 

This gigantic glacier spanning through Yukon territory in Canada and eastern Alaska wasn’t mentioned until Riordan’s installment of ‘The Heroes of Olympus’ series where a large part was destroyed in a battle. Percy teamed up with his newfound Roman demigod friends in order to defeat the giant Alcyoneus, saving Camp Jupiter (the Roman counterpart of Camp Half-Blood) and its legionnaires.

  • Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, USA

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Mount Saint Helens

1 save

Vancouver, United States • Wishlist • 

A mountain stationed in the northwest region of America, Mt. St. Helens houses the prison to Typhon, known as the storm giant and father of all monsters. However, the mountain almost got completely destroyed in real life during a 1980 eruption when it lost 1,300 feet off of its peak in the process.

  • Mt St Helens, Washington 98616, USA

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Temple of Apollo In Delphi

3 saves

Pátra, Greece • Wishlist • 

The power of the Oracle foretells the future and chants prophecies of god Apollo for demigods’ quests. Rachel Elizabeth Dare is the Oracle in the Percy Jackson series, a mortal who can see through the mist and takes on the spirit of Delphi. At present, the Delphic Tholos located in Greece is a symbolic architecture of the oracle and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

  • Delphi 330 54, Greece

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