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Everyone has their own list of places they wish to visit someday, and you just so happen to come across mine!

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Busan, South Korea • Wishlist • 

I was supposed to fly to South Korea during my 18th birthday but sadly it didnt push through 🤧 I had a lot of places I wanted to visit that was mainly surrounding Busan! Among the places I wanted to visit were the Bukchon Hanok Village and the Gyeongbokgung Palace for a new cultural perspective for Korea. Afterwards, we would roam the streets of Seomyeon for a bit of a shopping spree too! And finally, we get to be one with nature and enjoy a glimpse of the ocean through the Busan Aquarium and the cool breeze from the Taejongdae Recreation Center. (Images taken from Google)

  • South Korea

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Kyoto, Japan • Wishlist • 

Japan has always been a dream destination for anyone who likes watching anime. Not just because of the place itself, but the cultural sites that just scream Japan. Tokyo has always been the go-to when it came to ideas about Japan, but theres just a certain charm to going to its provinces too. Even in any anime, chances are some of them would also go on a trip to Kyoto! Just makes me all the more curious of what I could find about the cultural heritage of Japan. (Images taken from Google)

  • Japan

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Reykjavík, Iceland • Wishlist • 

This has been one of my more recent dream destinations. For years, I’ve been wanting to see the Aurora Borealis. Lights dancing all around the night sky has always sounded like one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons. There are multiple places to see this wonder. But ever since I followed VALORANT esports, that was the only time I’ve heard about Reykjavik. The photos they’ve posted all looked so beautiful and different from what I usually see that it made me curious of what else could I see. And it just so happens you could also see the northern lights from here! (Image from Google)

  • Reykjavík, Iceland

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Rome, Italy • Wishlist • 

Italy was one of my biggest heartbreaks. We were finally going to fly to Europe as a family last 2020 but then the pandemic happened 🥲 But with the world carefully opening up once again, hopefully we could pursue that chance once again! Italy is usually known for its food. I mean, who doesnt like pizza and pasta? Besides getting to try food straight from its source, exploring a country’s pwn cultural heritage is always a fun adventure. (Image from Google)

  • Italy

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