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For those who discovered their true self on stage, "naked" and vulnerable in front of a crowd. For those who found comfort in the presence and camaraderie of weirdos, divas, and outcasts. For those who marvel at the escapism and entertainment every show brings. For those who were hand picked by the high school drama teacher to play a role they couldn't cast, and you had no choice. For those who're simply in love with the spectacle, the absurd, the over dramatics, the songs, the stories, and emorionally invested in credible actors. And maybe even for those history buffs who just learned the full history of theatre and want to explore. ... from its birthplace in Greece, to historical theatres in Russia and the UK, down to tourist attraction and main stream scene Broadway, here are a few destinations every Theatre lover, nerd, enthusiast, or curious traveler should visit.

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New York City, United States • Wishlist • 

New York is probably the most synonymous in the modern era of theatre. Every actor dreams to make it in "the city that never sleeps" and star in their own Broadway musical. But Broadway theatres don't just hold iconic musicals such as Wicked, Phantom of The Opera, Hamilton and more. Broadway homes 41 theatres, some of which showcase (regular) plays, dramatic readings, and workshop productions. But even with more than 40 theatres in Broadway itself, we haven't even counted the relevant theatres all over the state of New York, some of which served at the origin story of some of current show giants like the HERE Arts Center, the birthplace of "The Vagina Monologues", Second Stage Theatre, where musicals "Next to Normal" and "Dear Evan Hansen" had their beginnings, or the landmark that is The Public Theatre that housed and launched legendary musicals such as "The Chorus Line", "Hair", "Fun Home", "In The Heights", and "Hamilton". New York is peppered with too many theatres to count-- theatres that only stage plays by Latinx playwrights, theatres that experiment with interaction and walk through five floors of an elaborately decorated warehouse (McKrittick Hotel-- described to stage plays like Macbeth in a very Alfred Hitchcock manner), theatres that only showcase family- friendly productions, even theatres that keep closed Broadway shows alive (if you missed a musical's Broadway run, odds are an Off- Broadway theatre is still staging it).

  • Broadway, New York, NY, USA

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Shakespeare's Globe

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London, United Kingdom • Wishlist • 

Dear reader, have you ever wanted to watch a Shakespeare play the way Shakespeare envisioned? Shakespeare wrote his plays with the intention of it being staged at the Globe Theatre-- a Thrust Stage in a large circular yard surronded by 3 storeys of steep seating. Different from today's typical theatres. Shakespeare's Globe pays homage to the Elizabethan era of plays and showcases The Bard's plays the way they were originally staged. Shakespeare's Globe is a reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre that was built by William Shakespeare's company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men in 1599. It was in the Globe Theatre where Shakespeare wrote and staged many of his plays including Othello, Macbeth, King Lear and Hamlet. Unfortunately, this original Globe Theatre burned down in 1613, rubuilt in 1614, and demolished in 1644. Shakespeare's Globe, founded by actor and director, Sam Wanamaker in 1997 is an authentic and accurate replica of the original theatrical home of Shakespeare.

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Moscow Art Theatre

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Moscow, Russia • Wishlist • 

Anton Chekhov is one of three playwrights who played a signifiant role the birth of early modernism in theatre. His four most notable plays The Seagull, Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya, and Cherry Orchard-- plays that opened a new type of acting and directing that would later spread around the world-- helped give the Moscow Art Theatre it's significant fame and success. The Seagull's run in the theatre was so successful that the theatre included a seagull in their emblem. Other significant productions in this theatre include works by Tolstoy, Ibsen and Gorki.

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    Ibsen-museet i Grimstad

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    Aalborg, Denmark • Wishlist • 

    The Ibsen Museum lets you take a look at the actual study where the father of Realism, and one of the founders of Modernism in theatre wrote his last two plays. Reffered to as one of the most influential playwrights of his time, Ibsen's legacy is alive as tourists get a peak of his lifestyle and place of thought, his study in particular has been restored and conserved in it's original state. Ibsen's memory also lives through his works, including "A Doll's House", "Ghosts", and "Hedda Gabler". As of writing, The Ibsen Museum is closed for renovations and won't reopen until 2021.

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      Epidaurus Theatre

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      Piraeus, Greece • Wishlist • 

      The earliest form of theatre traces back to ancient Greece where dramatic presentations were a form of entertainment during festivals, religious rituals, weddings, even funerals. During the 5th century, these presentations were later made into a competition as part of their devotion to Dionysus, Greek god of wine and fertility. Up to this day, many Greek playwrights remain immortal through their works such as Aeschylus, Plato, Sophocles, and Euripides. Notable greek plays include Oedipus Rex, The Oresteian Trilogy, Medea, Antigone, and Hippolytus. The Epidaurus Theatre is considered to be one of the best ancient Greek theatres due it's advanced design in aesthetics and acoustics-- spectators in the very back row could clearly hear the performers from down front. Being well preserved, the ancient theatre is still use up to this day to stage ancient plays as part of the annual summer Epidaurus Festival.

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