THAI want to be in BANGKOK!


"Little Patricia wants to see, What could it be, In the "Land of the Free", Where to be, where could she be? She said -- If only I can fly like a hawk, LEMI be in Bangkok." To anyone who loves to travel like me, wandering the world is a lust. Most often than not, we are lost souls in search for new places and new experiences. Travelling has become our natural way of drifting apart from the same, old, and monotonous life. We cast away our fears of journeying in an unfamiliar lens. Because we believe that -- as we run away from mundane, we free ourselves from the plain and ordinary. Furthermore, as a history major who is guided by the priciples of studying the olden times, I find my path of understanding deeply the core of each country through travelling. From finding traces of triumphs, fiascos, and cultural diversity, this has been my way of connecting to the world. Hence, being a travel aficionado and a student of history and culture, I see no worries but to take chances. I wish to visit Bangkok! AD LIB in Thailand for 4 days and 3 nights -- definitely one for the books!

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Updated 3 years ago

Ad Lib Bangkok

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Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

"Little Patricia has now flee, looking for a sanctuary. Now on a different country, Where to be, where could she be? She said -- I know where to go, AD LIB here as if there's no tomorrow," Probably, you are asking yourselves right now, "Patricia, where are you getting all the guts to stay in Bangkok?" Well, you see. I am that one brave soul who flashes my 21-year old self enjoying the canvas of tranquility in AD LIB BANGKOK HOTEL. The hotel has a facade that calls everyone to find their way home. It reflects peace -- a space to escape the labyrinth of chaos. And even if it is situated at the heart of the metro, the aura and serenity of the hotel seems to be enough to form a zen symphony in your head. So calm. So perfect. It hushes everything to quiet. Upon reviewing the amenities that AD LIB has to offer, it brings me to a whole new dimension. The spacious and placid rooms create comfort within me. As if their beds and services can make me still chase those dreams in my sleep. Not only because their beds are comfy, but because I do not need to wake up the night owl inside me early in the morning just to grab my breakfast. It's an all-day breakfast at AD LIB hotel where I can ask for it whenever or wherever. What's more exciting about this hotel is the way they step up a "hotel experience" with a saltwater pool. Who needs to go to the beach when there's an infinity saltwater pool in the city? The accessibility of the hotel is very convenient to anyone who wants to unravel the secrets of Thailand. It is near the terminal, national landmarks, and tourist spots. Even not to mention that the hotel offers free shuttle services which makes everything more accomodating! AD LIB BANGKOK HOTEL is an epitome of LUX and RELAX. And as a traveler who believes that good night sleeps equate to good travel leaps -- AD LIB nowhere, but here. So to anyone hesitating to travel, step outside. Take away your doubts as if there's no tomorrow. Feel the gaze and see the upcoming days. Just like me who wants to 'wander and free - wishing to be... part of this AD LIB hotel world'.

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The Golden Palace

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Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

"Little Patricia loves history, she finds new discovery, in every country. Where to be, where could she be? She said -- King Chulalongkorn for my ancient class, THAI want to see his GRAND PALACE." As a historian, we were taught by our professors that reading history books is like time travelling. It brings us to the ancient times. But what’s more important as a historian is to find connection between the past and the present. And I only find my way in revealing the truth and whispers of history whenever I travel. For that, I am not only discovering the world, but determining my mission as student of history. When I started my journey as an AB-History student, I first learned about the early civilization of Southeast Asia. In that course, I was introduced to the world of ancient cultures. But what struck me the most in that class, was unfolding the mysteries and stories of the early Kingdoms in Thailand. Since then, I’ve been dreaming to visit the country and discover the intricacies of its history. To actualize this dream, I want to visit the GRAND PALACE in Bangkok. Considering that the palace once became a home of their crowning rulers from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, I want to explore its architecture and functioning halls. Reading the history of Thailand is not enough to give justice as to how beautiful their journey is as a “Land of the Free”. I want to uncover their historical odyssey in this palace as if I can touch their abstract past. My mom, who had been to Thailand when she was young, told me that the GRAND PALACE has temples and museums situated in the area and mural paintings and artefacts displayed in every corner and walls. Because of what she said, it enticed me more to visit the place because I know that those concrete things will be my guide to experience things that have transpired in Thailand centuries ago. So, if you think you are a sentimental wanderer like me who also wants to divulge on the memories of Thailand, make sure to add this on your wish list.

  • +66 2 262 1234
  • 10/1 อาคาร Windsor Suites Sukhumvit 20 Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

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Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

วัดอรุณราชวราราม ราชวรมหาวิหาร

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Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

"Little Patricia then checks upon, a temple religiously known. Her stares are drawn, Where to be, WAT could it be? She said -- There's an inner peace in WAT ARUN, DAWN't stop me, I'll trace Buddhism in the Temple of Dawn." In one of my favorite movies, “Eat, Pray, Love”, Elizabeth Gilbert journeyed into a quest of soul-searching. In order to find tranquility and harmony within herself, she found her way praying in India. Just like her, I want to find my own balance. I want to seek my own escape from the knots and tangles of not knowing myself enough. Perchance, a good emancipation is to be spiritually healed. Through a sojourn in Bangkok’s WAT ARUN, peace wouldn’t be that far miles away anymore from your heart. The temple is known to be the “Temple of Dawn”, and for sure, the temple will give you enlightenment before dawn strikes. It is one of the major temples in Bangkok that houses Buddhism, hence, one can actually meditate here (If there wouldn’t be much people). In this temple, tourists can enjoy climbing up its steep stairs and reach the main prang of the temple. After this strenuous activity under the hot sun, you can see the scenic view of Bangkok and picturesque of Chao Phraya River on the side. So, just like what others say, everything is more worth it with a little sacrifice. Neverthless, you wouldn’t regret having this TEMPLE RUN!

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Jim Thompson House

พิพิธภัณฑ์​บ้าน จิม ทอมป์สัน

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Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

"Little Patricia tells a story, Jim Thompson's gallery, Reveals Thai Silk Industry. Where to be, where could she be? She said -- I wanna go to Jim Thompson Museum, Hopefully, I mu-see you-m soon." One of the most interesting ventures I came accross as a history nazzi was the time I learned about the Silk Road. It embodies human history and the rise of cultural trade. It was the beginning of economic transformation between different civilizations. But more than that, silk road narrates not just triumph, but the fiascos and decline of some civilizations and cultures that is weaved within the history. Hence, reminiscing this leads me to my wanderlust to explore Jim Thompson's House and Museum. Thailand is a home for silk industry. Not many may have known, but Thailand boasts a culture that is intricate with the use of Thai silk in weaving. History speaks that there is an endless cultural contact in Thailand because they produce quality silk -- that even Chinese silk became better because of their influence through the Thai Silk Road. From the past centuries, the image of Thailand represents silk textiles that unfolds the identity of their ethnic communities and meticulous cultural art. However, the past also leaves a residue of its sorrows as a home for silk industry. In the 1950's Thailand experienced a cultural decline from their Thai Silk Industry. The country was at the edge of losing their roots. But, because of Jim Thompson, who found his ways to innovate, Thai Silk Industry rose again. From hand weavings, Thompson helped in upgrading looms and machines. If not because of him, the valuable culture of the Thai ethnic communities and the rest of the country might have just died. And if there's one hidden treasure to unfold, that is to have a first-hand experience of how Thompson combined history and contemporary designs which extends to Thailand's success. Thus, visiting Jim Thompson's House and Museum is like digging a treasure untold while getting to know Jim Thompson well as the "Thai Silk King". Getting there would also meam a free-ride to Thailand's roller coaster of Silk Industry - from its fiascos to triumphs. All the more, tourists can enjoy the architectural design of each houses built with in the range of the museum. That's why, Jim Thompson House and Museum, mu-SEE YOU-m soon!

  • +66 2 216 7368
  • 6 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand
    6 ถนน พระรามที่ ๑ แขวง วังใหม่ เขต ปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร

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Chatuchak Market


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Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

"Litte Patricia wants to eat, an extraodinary treat, authentic Thai food on the street. Where to be, where could she be? She said -- I shall eat and shop, at CHATUCHAK MARKET, Where is the map? I shall go and MARK IT!" What is travelling without food experience? Every country boasts a cultural expression through food. Despite of differences, food unites people from all over the world. Food venture is one of the things that bridge cultures. Similarities and differences of food staples and palates make it more compelling for tourists to recognize food representations. Moreover, Thailand is branded to be a melting pot for food gastronomy. Their cuisine is certainly a treat to the taste buds as it is a blend of 4s: sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. For that, people will definitely enjoy eating the local gastronomy of Thailand after they finish their Bangkok day trips and temple runs. For me, the best place to go for a trEAT in Bangkok is to visit CHATUCHAK MARKET. It is a place to spot for food that won't let any tourist go home with a sad tummy. Although the market may be overcrowded at times, it does not literally impose a bad news. Because you know what they say, "When a place has long lines for food, the food is definitely worth a try." Aside from the good number of food choices, Chatuchak Market brings cultural food experience to people. It is known how each food staple tells a story of history, social idenity, and cultural food consumption. We get to try what every Thai experience in their taste receptors and palates. Also, we get to explore and understand deeper why Thai cuisine is known as one of Asia's melting pot country. Thus, the market becomes a home for people who loves to eat and witness the culture of Thai gastronomy. But really, what is more to Chatuchak market? The market is also known for shopping hauls. Tourists consider visiting the place because it is like hitting two birds with one stone: eating and shopping. Just like any typical tourists, cheap finds and bargains are an important thing. Chatuchak market becomes the go-to place for shoppers who are enthusiastic about grabbing home their most favorite souvenirs at a lower price. From clothes to bags, fashionable hats, textiles, figurines, and accessories -- whatever it may be, name it and Chatuchak has it!!! CHATUCHAK MARKET is completely going to be your favorite food guide and one-stop shop. So, to anyone who wants to save their time? Maximize your stay at Bangkok by marking CHATUCHAK MARKET on your itinerary. Say bye-bye to limited time, say hi-hi to buy-buys!!!!

  • +66 2 272 4813
  • Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand
    ถนน กำแพงเพชร 2 แขวง จตุจักร เขต จตุจักร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10900

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Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market

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Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

"Little Patricia goes with the flow, she knows, Thailand has still a lot more to show, Where to be, where could she be? She said -- Travelling keeps me aFLOAT let's taste BANG-COOK, Khlong Mat Layom Market -- I am shookt!" Who says that Bangkok is just all about the hustle and bustle? The capital of Thailand is not just a home for overoccupied locals and busy tourists, but a sanctuary for everyone who wants to chill, relax, and feed their hungry tummies. The KHLONG LAT MAYOM FLOATING MARKET is one of the epitomes of Thailand's traditional market. It traverses the local life on the country lanes of its downtown, while giving the tourists a glimpse of Bangkok's cultural food exchanges. The journey to this floating market tracks a different length of peace. Unlike the other floating markets that are crowded, KHLONG LAT MAYOM explores serene canals that passes through residential homes far away from superstructures of the urban. All the more, a visit to KHLONG LAT MAYOM FLOATING MARKET won't just be a simple boat ride experience but a dive into a sea of food ventures. The route will lead you to the hidden gastronomy of Thailand. The canals will advance you to a genuine community which reveals how the life in downtown is full of palatable dishes, too! Hence, after a busy food trip and shopping spree at the weekend market, you can try something new by riding a boat and rowing through this floating market at Taling Ching, Bangkok. The food prices here compared to other markets near the metro are comparatively cheaper (Hi, Travel Budgetarians! Good news, huh?) Overall, this floating market is a paradise for everyone like me who wants to experience the taste of Bang-cook's ready to eat food. Different kinds of grilled seafoods are paraded along the floating market, which I guess would ignite the seafood lover in me. But aside from this, KHLONG LAT MAYOM is famous for their quality fruits which I think would make me bring spacious eco bags to help myself from bringing every fruit that I love! Lastly, who would wanna miss their version of Pad Thai and Coconut Pancake? Definitely, not me!!! So, who knows? The next time you see me posting my travel adventures, I am already rowing my way to KHLONG LAT MAYOM FLOATING MARKET!

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    Bangkok, Thailand • Wishlist • 

    "Little Patricia wants to ride, something she has never tried. Who could it be by her side? Where TUK be, where could she be? She said -- My mom will be my guide, as we try tuk-tuk -- The Thailand's pride." Every country has their own identification. Aside from flags and national emblems, culture speaks for a country's identity. This includes history, religion, food staples -- and even, transportation. As for Thailand, the country is known for "tuk-tuks". This is one of the main source of transportation in Thailand -- a three-wheeled vehicle that can ride you around the city's most magical places. I remember when I watched Miss Universe 2015, Miss Thailand conceptualized her national costume in line with Thailand's Tuktuk. Since then, it became one of my travel goals -- to ride a Tuktuk. Although almost similar to the "tricycle" that we have in the Philippines, I guess travelling with tuktuk in Bangkok might just give me a different vibe. That's why despite the alleged overcharging rates, I believe that tuktuk is not completely a bad news to take. Knowing that good haggling can be my way out and with all the precautionary measures I've learned about tuktuks, I still want TUK experience it with my mom. She taught me to always see the good in every people. Thereupon, even if some tourists may say that few drivers may just fool me out of commission, WE SHOULD JUST BE KEEN AND CRITICAL TOURISTS. In that way, nothing would not make me check off my bucketlist of riding a tuktuk. In Thailand, I TRUST.

    • Rong Mueang Rd, Khwaeng Rong Muang, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

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