Wat Pho

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Every time I see a Buddha statue or image, I always feel it's calm and serene energy. While researching where to go in Bangkok, I was surprised to find that there's an existing "Temple of Reclining Buddha". What's more calm and serene than that? ✨ Definitely a must-see for a chill person like me.

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Open today: 08:30-18:30

Wat Pho, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand

Comments (37)

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@kaylie08 you make the world a better place. ✨

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@amihan Cool!

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ekalamosus I wish everyone can achieve it also. ✨🙏🏾

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@nayou1 😊

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@sarahglang respect 🙏🏾

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@paolo420 aygaaaaa

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@lalaland24 definitely!

Kaylie  3 years ago

I'm a Christian and I love my religion but whenever I get to know other religions, it just fascinates me every time. So beautiful

Amihan  3 years ago

I've heard about this. Looks great

Rpd Aries  3 years ago

Nothing like some spiritual enlightenment

Na You  3 years ago


John Delu  3 years ago


Robert Paolo C. Deluria  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon hanap tayo ng bangkok bebe mo hehe

Lala  3 years ago

Must see

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon HAHAHA i bet we'll be travelling by pairs by then 😉

Darwin Tuazon  3 years ago

@snacklord welp looks like I'm going fifth wheeling in this future trip

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@paolo420 @ardeetuazon @probinsyano let's go to Bangkok G!?!

Robert Paolo C. Deluria  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon @snacklord @probinsyano NETIZENS TRIP!!!

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon boy docu in the house 📸

Darwin Tuazon  3 years ago

@snacklord gotta ready my poses for our usual photoshoot ❤️

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@moanaloaaa 🙏🏾

Mo   3 years ago

@snacklord 😍😍

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@acmau22 😌😌😌

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@moanaloaaa I agree! I remember Buddhism being slightly touched by our history studies but seeing and learning it from one of the practicing cities would be a better way to get to know more about it

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon I was looking for it also haha! This place would be a nice switchup to our Netizens hangout 👌🏾

Angeline C. Maulawin  3 years ago

Calm energy vibe....

Mo   3 years ago

wat pho? because ive been wanting to learn about their religion! its so interesting to hear abt it in classes but i bet being there is a whole other experience 😊

Darwin Tuazon  4 years ago

My comment got lost but this is such a nice place and really a must visit!!

Angela Maulawin  4 years ago

@suntanline calling deluria fam!

Angela Maulawin  4 years ago

@pongdelicious looks like it 😍

Angela Maulawin  4 years ago

@bobetdelurs you should go next time tito!

Patricia Deluria  4 years ago

I wish I could go here with my family!

Elalaine Deluria  4 years ago

Such a beautiful ambiance here

Bobet Deluria  4 years ago

I've never been able to visit this place when I visit bangkok :(

Angela Maulawin  4 years ago

@probinsyano let's go!!!

Angela Maulawin  4 years ago

@ardeetuazon this is why we're friends! Nothing. beats. the. feeling. of. calmness.

Miguel Vega  4 years ago

Need to take a pic with The Reclining Buddha!!

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