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Male, Luleå, Potosí

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Male, Maldives • Wishlist • 

Maldives is just such a beauty that I always wanted to visit it once in my life. Sadly it faces the crisis of rising water levels, so I should really hurry up and get a steady income job to experience the beauty known as Maldives.

  • Maldives

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Luleå, Sweden • Wishlist • 

My ultimate goal in life has been the same since I was just a little boy. For as long as I could remember I have felt drawn towards Norway, wanting to see the breathtaking Northern Lights, thinking that it would move me, inspire me, and change me. To see such magnificent colors flowing above the sky... I could only imagine the awe I would feel, the wonder my eyes would behold, and the small sense of futility I would experience as I gaze upon such a tremendous gift of nature that for a moment it would feel as if time itself has stopped, and all things are still and calm, just as they should be.

  • Norway

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Uyuni Salt Flat

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Potosí, Bolivia • Wishlist • 

Uyuni Salt Flat seems to be such a fictional made up place that I can't even begin to believe that it is real, and yet it is real. As such, I would love to go to that place, even just once, to that place where all sense of direction loses its meaning and one cannot distinguish what is up from what is down.

  • Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia

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