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Wax Melts

Dungeons & Dragons Class Wax Melts


Snap bar wax melts that come in clamshells. Each clamshell has 5 cavities and holds 2 oz of wax. They are uncolored and come in a natural white color. Wax melts are designed to be melted in a designated wax melter. The heat from the wax melter releases the scent from the scented wax, much like how a wick does for a candle. Wax melts should ONLY be used in certified wax melters. Current scents offered: Bard Scent: amber + musk Scent notes: citrus + jasmine + dark musk Cleric Scent: sage + lavender Scent notes: spice + floral + sandalwood Druid Scent: woods + foliage Scent notes: citrus + pine + vanilla musk Fighter Scent: red ginger + saffron Scent notes: lemon + ginger + amber Rogue Scent: violet + saffron Scent notes: floral + saffron + leather Wizard Scent: the library Scent notes: teakwood + leather + patchouli

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